Hank Kelley, AICP is a city planner based in Detroit and Grand Rapids, MI.

They work at the City of Grand Rapids as a Transportation Planning Supervisor, and previously worked at AECOM, the Community and Economic Development Department in Ferndale, Michigan, the Detroit Department of Transportation and the non-profit MetroMatters. They have a Master of Urban Planning from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Kelley’s areas of expertise include planning for and optimizing bus transit routes and systems, re-thinking streets to ensure safe and efficient travel for cyclists and pedestrians and collecting and summarizing all kinds of data. They’re experience also includes spatial analysis, mapping, and facilitating community participation.

Kelley’s personal projects range from teaching crash-courses in understanding public transit systems, to weaving, serving on community boards and guiding bicycle tours. They have translated among English, Spanish and Portuguese for clients such as Canadian media consulting firms, community micro-finance projects, and refugee shelters. In previous lives they worked as a law clerk, assistant bookkeeper, and restaurant server.

Kelley’s planning interests include socially just revitalization / development, public transportation systems, zoning/regulatory reform, free-libre-open source initiatives and cooperative housing/co-housing.